Taphouse offers options designed to help you out no matter what stage of your project. From prototype to app maintenance after it's in the store, we have you covered.

iOS App Prototype

Have an idea for a new app? Taphouse can help you get something built quickly to prove out the concept. Take it to a VC, pursue building it with us, or bring it to your in-house team. The code is all yours to keep. These are meant to be very short projects – no more than 20 hours.

iOS App Insurance

Do you have an app in the App Store that was built by a consultant who is hard to track down, or a former staff member that took all of their expertise with them? There's a constant headache of keeping apps up to date, fixing bugs that cause crashes or making sure your app works with Apple's new software. Instead of hiring a consultant for a large project, contact us and we can manage your codebase for you.

Your app will continue to get updates and better serve your customers. Whether you need help fixing bugs that cause crashing, updating for a new iOS version, or updating to get compatible with a new device, you're covered with a simple monthly payment.